Vikki Rogers

VP & Global Head of Learning, Development & Research, World Commerce & Contracting

I am primarily focused on designing learning and development programs, resources and tools that have a positive material impact on achieving personal and organizational objectives within the realm of commerce and contracting. It’s a great space as it enables me to draw on my varied background – as a law professor, instructional designer, system designer, expert consultant, non-profit leader, author, and commercial litigator – and my interest to constantly innovate and reimagine delivery and systems to create ‘better’ results.

I’ve had a chance to work with some great members at World Commerce & Contracting to create innovative and transformative learning programs and resources. I’ve also been particularly excited when I was recently included as a Woman Pioneer in Dispute Resolution by Arbitral Woman and separately had a chance to support the UNCITRAL negotiations on online dispute resolution as an expert advisor.

You’ll usually find that my design ideas and strategy flow best when I get a chance to go on hikes with my hound dogs or am preparing some vegetarian meals in the kitchen!

My Sessions