As part of your ticket to the Summit, our Workshops offer a fast effective way for you to up-skill when you most need it, earning CPD Points and Certificates of Participation from world-leading experts.


Contracts are fundamental to business performance.

But how much does it cost to produce a contract?

And how much does it cost if it’s produced badly?

What are the economic benefits that come from effective management of the contracting lifecycle?

At a time where we are all being asked to dig deeper and show our value, this workshop will examine these questions and provide you the practical tools to both reduce your costs of contracting and generate superior returns.

Workshop Leaders:

Kingsley Martin,

President & CEO, KM Standards



Sally Guyer, Global CEO, World Commerce & Contracting



The pandemic has pushed organizations to assess their existing technology systems and scrutinize gaping holes in their current processes and systems.

This workshop is designed as a neutral and practical forum where delegates of all degrees of technical know- how can better understand how to select, buy and implement the right legal tech for your organization.

As well as put existing technology to better use. More importantly you will leave equipped with a clear understanding of the quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits to applying new technologies in your business in the current climate.

Workshop leaders:

Arthur Raguette

EVP Business Development,



Paul Branch


World Commerce & Contracting


There has perhaps never been a time when honing your negotiation skills in the physical and the virtual world has been more critical.

In this workshop you will have access to the Award winning negotiation expert Keld Jensen.

The workshop is a ‘slim’ version of the full scale online MasterClass in SMARTnership Negotiation strategies.

Invest a few hours and leave with a complete new vision on negotiation.

Workshop leader:

Keld Jensen

Senior Negotiation Advisor,

Professor, Award Winning Author


Getting hands on with Better Disclosure

In this workshop you will get your hands on with the better disclosure canvas, a step by step process to help you break down and redesign disclosure and contract experiences that are valuable, meaningful and engaging.

This canvas brings learnings from the Behavioural Insights literature together with Legal Design and User Experience Design ‘best practices’.

It’s been designed to support virtual collaboration amongst cross-functional teams.

It’s something you can take away and keep using long after this event finishes.

Workshop leaders:

Nathan Kinch, CEO, Greater Than X


Mathew Mytka, Chief Platform Officer, Greater Than X


Tim Cummins and Rob Handfield will discuss some of the key lessons learned from contract management coming of of the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic and global repercussions. What have we learned, and what do we need to do differently going forward in contract management in a post-COVID world?

Workshop leaders:

Tim Cummins, President, World Commerce & Contracting

Robert Handfield, Bank of America University Distinguished Proessor of Supply Chain Management, NC State University

BUSINESS CHANGE- Secrets to Success: How to Deliver Maximum Value From your Digitilisation Initiative

If you have worked on any digitalisation initiative, then you will know technology doesnt drive results on its own. Why do 70% of change initiatives fail and how do you ensure success?Join our KPMG Law experts for an interactive two- part workshop where we share exactly how you can maximise your investment.Our session is based on your challenges – and facilitated using interactive app-based technology – so expect lots of lively discussions and debates to really get you thinking!

Workshop leaders:


Freneka Mumford, Specialist in Change Management, KPMG & Martyn Osmundsend, Specialist in Contract Lifecycle Management, KPMG


Nicola Brooks, Specialist in Legal Transformation & Digitalisation, KPMG & Usman Wahid, Specialist in Risk, KPMG