Key topics & sessions

Practical workshops include:

  • Negotiation
  • Business change
  • Contract economics: cutting costs & improving returns
  • CLM: the compelling rationale for adoption
  • Emerging tech
  • Hackathon
  • Industry café roundtables




The BIG debate is back and this time you dictate the topic!

Industry café roundtables: allowing industry groups to meet and collaborate as well as share cross-industry challenges and solutions

The BIG hackathon viewing party: before Vibe Summit teams from around the globe will work together on a number of problem statements. Team demos will be presented live at Vibe Summit. Don’t miss our viewing party where the winners will be announced live!

Networks of interest: don’t feel lost in our networking lounge find your group and your purpose. Our network leads will help you break the ice and kick-start some great conversations.

The BIG networking session: our final day will celebrate the World Commerce & Contracting global community bringing together members from around the globe. The session will feature networks of interest and you can move around discussions as you please!

Vibe Talks connected: we bring back some of your favorite Vibe speakers to our green room for a private Q&A session for premium access pass holders.

Global power list – women in contracting & commerce: World Commerce & Contracting is proud to announce its global power list – women in contracting & commerce. We’ll toast the achievements of the women on the list and a selection will join us to give us the top 3 lessons they have learned in their careers.

Problem solving labs: our team of experts who have been instrumental in successful contract initiatives within their own organizations will problem solve each challenge, giving the audience practical tools to help them get started on their own migration to next generation contracts.

Practical case studies: allowing you to see a real life problem through the eyes of a seasoned practitioner, what their challenge was, how they approached it and what was the outcome.




Topics include:

  • Managing risk and uncertainty
  • Sustainability and supply chain diversity
  • Maintaining supplier relationships in a virtual world
  • Contract design and simplification
  • Virtual negotiation
  • Remote management of complex projects
  • Optimizing contract terms and templates
  • Optimizing and securing the contracting process
  • Managing contracts virtually
  • Remote working
  • Making the case for CLM post COVID-19