Tim Cummins

Professor, Leeds University; President, World Commerce & Contracting

Tim Cummins is widely recognized as a thought-leader in the field of global trading relationships and commerce. As Founder of World Commerce & Contracting (previously the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management), he has developed an organization with more than 60,000 members. His expertise has been recognized by appointment as a Professor and Chair of International Commercial & Contract Management at the University of Leeds and was also acknowledged by the Financial Times, which in 2019 announced Tim as the winner of its 2019 award for Market Shaper in business innovation.

In pursuing the Association”s goal of raising the quality and integrity of trading relationships, Tim”s focus covers the interfaces and interdependencies between key stakeholders in commercial relationships and the growing influence of new technologies in transforming how those relationships are formed and managed.

Tims career prior to World Commerce & Contracting included finance and commercial roles in banking, automotive, aerospace and technology sectors. He led international negotiations up to $1.8bn in value and oversaw commercial process reengineering at major corporations. His work is extensively published and he is regularly consulted by senior management on commercial trends and directions.

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