Tiffany Kemp

Speaker, Negotiator & Contracting Expert

Tiffany Kemp encourages business people to use contracting to create more profitable deals and deliver happy customers who will buy again. Her mission is to de-mystify contracts, putting them back in the hands of business rather than being the sole preserve of lawyers.

An engineer with a Masters in Business Law, Tiffany founded her commercial contract consultancy, Devant Limited, in 2003 to provide practical and effective commercial contract drafting, review and negotiation support to businesses. In 2018 she founded TiffCo Limited, to focus on speaking and training, spreading the word about the joy of great contracting!

Her experience of negotiating many hundreds of successful deals (and some unsuccessful ones!) has provided her with a huge store of anecdotes and case studies that illuminate her speaking and writing, providing valuable ‘hooks’ for delegates and readers to relate complex contractual concepts to their own business experience.

Tiffany is the author of ‘Deal Makers – how intelligent use of contracts can help you sell more and deliver better and ‘Essentials of Contract Drafting. She is a popular speaker, and presents webinars for the International Association of Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM). Hundreds of commercial professionals have benefited from her stimulating and engaging workshops. Tiffany is a contributing editor of the IACCM’s ‘Contract and Commercial Management – an operational guide’ and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of the UK & Ireland (of which she was President 2017/18).

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