Sam Knight

Commercial Director, Datacom

Sam is a Commercial Manager who is passionate about supporting teams and individuals to engage with clients to build long term, successful partnerships.

Sam is a former lawyer, who has now worked within organisations for over 10 years as a contract and commercial manager to understand how legal terms and contracts can enable or inhibit relationships.

This background allows Sam to work with multiple stakeholders to produce high quality, relational contracts that ensure a partnership and a positive governance model for all parties.

Sam has been responsible for managing complex Telco, ITO and ICT government and commercial customer contracts.

Sam is passionate about enabling the work of the future by seeking the technology that will empower better human relationships within all aspects of our lives.

He has worked on a number of contract automation initiatives and is always seeking more efficient ways of working.

Sam has been a member of the IACCM Global Council since January 2019 and Sam has completed the Contract and Commercial Management – Advanced Practitioner Certification.