Michael Peckham

Reimagine Grants Initiative Lead, US Department of Health and Human Services

Mr. Michael (Mike) Peckham is the ReInvent Grants Management Lead for the Department–wide ReImagine Health and Human Services (HHS) initiative and currently the acting CFO of HHS’s PSC. He brings over 30 years’ experience in federal accounting, program management, systems implementation, and grants management to lead HHS in meeting its ReImagine goals of modernizing HHS Grants Management. Mike recently led the HHS DATA Act Program Management Office in successfully meeting the implementation goals as well as leading the grants portion of the Section 5 Pilot under the statute.  With a hands-on working knowledge of process improvement, he has managed: policy/statute interpretation and operational execution, systems modernization projects; expanded the use of electronic workflows; reporting functionality improvements; enhanced user interfaces; website updates, intergovernmental coordination on policy establishment, and extensive external outreach and engagement efforts.

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