Iruka A. Ndubuizu

Executive Director, Eureka Consulting, LLC

Iruka Ndubuizu is a Negotiations Expert, Speaker and Trainer whose experience spans law firms, corporations and academia. She is proficient at translating business terms into legal concepts and believes in using the law proactively to achieve better business results, balance risks with reward and prevent problems. This mindset fuelled her passion for sharing her extensive knowledge via training in both traditional and non-traditional classroom settings. Her ability to engage and connect with people and excellent communication skills enables her to successfully build teams and maintain effective business relationships with a wide variety of people at all levels. She provides training both locally and internationally.


She graduated from University of Benin with a law degree over 30 years ago and subsequently earned a Master of Laws (LL.M) degree from Emory School of Law in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a trained Mediator who is experienced in conflict resolution and also a savvy contract negotiator proficient in drafting, reviewing, negotiating and administering various types of contracts and agreements. Her strong business acumen and marketplace knowledge has enabled her to successfully negotiate and finalize high level multi party contracts with senior executives and other stakeholders.

Iruka, a self-proclaimed “contract guru”, was the Assistant Director for Contracts Administration at Emory University in Atlanta where she trained and managed a team of Contract Analysts responsible for reviewing and negotiating corporate contracts, confidential disclosure agreements and various types of agreements for the University. She was also the head of the Contracts Department at LifeNet Health in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she was responsible for ensuring that her team is trained and well equipped to perform in a manner that is strategically aligned with the company’s mission and goals. Her most recent role was with Premier Inc. where she was the Contract Operations Manager.

Iruka is the Founder of Eureka Consulting, LLC (www.eurekaconsultingllc.com) with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Lagos, Nigeria. In addition to providing training in the professional arena, Ms. Ndubuizu speaks at conferences and conventions on various topics dealing with leadership challenges and empowerment. Her hobbies include writing, traveling, volunteering, networking and teaching.

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