Barbara Chomicka

Consultant (Senior Project and Contract Manager), Arcadis of New York, Inc.

Barbara Chomicka is a creative thinker and problem solver: a registered architect and certified project, contact and commercial manager, she has been combining the design and management disciplines for over 20 years, optimizing the delivery of projects and programmes.  She has received two doctorate degrees from British universities and has produced a body of published work endorsed by the leading global professional associations. She is a recognized thought leader in the areas of complex projects delivery, social value and ethics in contracting, recognized with fellowships for significant contribution to project, contract and commercial management professions.

Her professional, academic and voluntary work has been recognized with APM Herbert Walton Award, Women in Construction Project Manager of the Year Award and Communitas Making the Difference Award. Her approach to life exemplifies her belief that everything we face is a project – a collaborative enterprise requiring the right methods to resolve it. In her thought-provoking writing and presentations, she promotes a 360-degree duty of care inside and outside of work.

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