Andrew Jackopino

Senior Advisor, Ngamuru Advisory

Dr Andrew “Jacko” Jacopino is a Senior Advisor in Ngamuru Advisory, an Australian Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), and Fellow of IACCM.  Andrew has a unique and diverse set of skills and experiences based on over 30 years of commercial, engineering and logistics experience for both the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ side.  Although best known for his work on Performance Based Contracts (PBC) and Performance Based Logistics (PBL) arrangements, as the former Assistant Secretary for Supplier Analysis and Engagement within the Australian Department of Defence he has extensive skills and experience in designing, leading and running large scale commercial operations.  This includes developing procurement strategies, tender development and release, evaluation, negotiations, transition and operation, with a focus on long-term, collaborative arrangements.  Andrew regularly writes and delivers workshops, both domestically and internationally, on PBC and in 2018 released his book, Mastering Performance Based Contracts.

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